About Us

Lucidus is a boutique Drupal development company that specializes in building websites and web-based applications for mission-driven organizations. We’ve been in business for nine years and have clients all over North America. We choose our projects carefully, basing our involvement on the ability to get behind a potential client’s mission. With Lucidus, you will never work with a junior developer; we don’t employ them. We are fanatical communicators with a belief that consistent communication is as important as our technical expertise for the success of a project.

Our Team:

  • Internet Strategists focused on purpose-drive, intuitive design
  • Serious Software Engineers known for their leadership in the web development and Drupal communities
  • Award winning Designers/Brand Marketers with extensive experience with non-profits to make sure your website is attractive and communicates your brand appropriately and powerfully.

We’ve served Mission Driven organizations since 2002.

Since our founding in 2002, we’ve served the unique needs of mission-driven organizations throughout the United States. We began as a web-based software company developing applications for the operation of organizations. Over time, we transitioned away from developing web-based software to building truly interactive, externally facing sites. We remain geeks at heart whose business focus is providing Internet strategy and Drupal web development services to mission-driven organizations. Our team is recognized as experts in our field and regularly speak at national technology conferences.
Teaming a specialized web development company with a creative marketing agency ensures that a client's specific strategic needs are met by experienced, expert professionals, and that web activities are in alignment with other brand marketing communication efforts.
We enjoy a deep, long-standing strategic relationship with Communicators Group, our marketing communications partner. Though our two firms are separate, privately held entities, we literally share office space, resources and a set of common values when it comes to the importance of compelling design combined with powerful technology.