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Drupal Q & A: How do I break teaser text the way I want?

When you publish a news item (story) to your home page in Drupal, it is pretty simple. The text creates a teaser on the home page, and that helps to lead visitors in to see the rest of the story as well as other parts of your web site. Very often, though, the break in the text happens at the wrong place. Maybe you'd like to customize how much of your text shows on the home page. Here's how you do it.

the HTML button Open your news item and go to the edit tab. Scroll down to where the body of the news is stored and look for an HTML button icon along with the other icons like Bold and Italics. Click on the HTML button. Once you are in the the HTML window, find the location where you'd like your news to break. Add "<!--break-->" (minus those quotes) to the exact location where you want it to break. This code will not display and it will break your text at this point so you'll have just the teaser text you want on your home page.

adding in a break Click update and then submit your edit. Your view will now break in the correct location.

Drupal Q & A: How do I change the title of my website?

Clients often ask how they can change the title of their Drupal website. The title is the text that appears at the very top of your browser "chrome". It is indexed by search engines and helps the search engines to know what your site is basically about. Occasionally site owners want to adjust a word or two and add or take away a keyword. To do this, you will need to have access to the administration area of your Drupal website and probably need to be a site administrator. Here's how:

  1. Login to the admin area of your website
  2. Go to the admin page or in the admin menu under your user name, click the link "Administer"
  3. Click "Site Configuration" in the admin menu, or in the Site Configuration area of the Administer page, click on "Site Configuration"
  4. The Site Configuration page will load. Edit the Name field as you choose
  5. Save Configuration

If you do not have this access, go to your administrator or call Lucidus Support at 877-548-0714, and we'll be glad to help you out.

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