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What "mission driven" means to us

We build websites for mission driven organizations. So...what does "mission driven" mean? It means that we choose to work with organizations that are driven by what they're doing in the world as much as (or more than) the bottom line. They have purpose; their people are passionate. Examples? The Student Conservation Association was our first customer back in 2002. They define an organization that is doing good in the world, helping high school and college students fulfill their own mission to "serve the land" at parks nationwide. The City of Keene is municipal government that truly cares about its constituents and the world around it. (The city is even listed in Al Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth for agreeing to the Kyoto Protocol). And yes, mission driven also applies to for-profit companies. Take American Heritage Railways. They transport families back in time to the days when the locomotive ruled the land, preserving history and delighting children with rides like The Polar Express and The Lone Ranger adventure.