Fall season means progress for Lucidus

The change of seasons has coincided with a number of accomplishments for Lucidus this year.

Where should I start? Our first accomplishment is a big one. We have moved our Lucidus headquarters in New Hampshire to another, larger location in the heart of Keene, at Colony Mill Marketplace.

According to Colin Edward, Senior Application Developer, his "view is much better." Matt Goodwin, Client Services Manager, agrees. "The thing I like the most is the fact that we now have a space that is very professional looking. It gives us the 'real company' image we were going for."

That may be an understatement! The offices are much larger, designed more efficiently, and we share them with our Marketshare Alliance partner, Communicators Group. The sharing of the office space will generate a stronger environment for collaboration and creativity. And – we have a real conference room! For me and Chaz Chumley, an application developer in our Las Vegas office, this is really important even though Chaz and I aren't in Keene very often. We can finally see and hear our fellow employees really well in videoconference meetings! We also have a nice monitor for presentation purposes there.

carving for Pumpkin Festival But first – imagine this: You are part of a company that needs to move locations, and it is the middle of October, a time of year when the town of Keene has a huge pumpkin festival, which you take part in each year! So – right in the middle of moving – while we were half moved out and half moved in, the Lucidus staff got together and prepared for the Keene Pumpkin Festival on October 20. We gathered for our weekly staff meeting and then carved pumpkins! I was connected in to the activities via Adobe Acrobat Connect, which we use regularly to share and show work to each other and with clients. The staff and I carved our pumpkins and then displayed them for each other via webcam.

A few days after we were moved in, Neil Giarratana, our fearless leader and President, announced an important new hire for the company. Rich Hahn, our new VP of Operations! I haven't yet met Rich in person at the Keene office, but I have heard his experience and it's clear he will bring a great deal to Lucidus. Neil has historically done double-duty (or is it triple-duty?) as Operations Manager, President and Sales and Marketing Manager. With Kristen Goodenough on board as a Regional Account Manager and me selling as well, some of those responsibilities have been lifted but clearly, bringing Rich on board – a man with enormous credentials in IT management – is going to be beneficial in ways we haven't even envisioned yet. We are all getting more and more specialized in our areas of expertise. This is so exciting because that can only mean that by focusing on our core skillset, we will prove ourselves to be all the more the experts we are. And that will help us meet our goal of finishing all projects "on time and on budget"!

So this is a great time for us as we're nearing the close of 2007. We are about to meet together as a company to discuss and decide on our 2008 Strategic Plan, and we have a new leader to work with us and provide direction to our operations. I for one am also looking forward to Neil being more available for technical consultations on projects

At the Miami office, as we're looking towards the end of 2007, I'm working on generating new business and wrapping up projects we've had in the works. I can't wait to announce the completion of some of the projects we've been working on. I'm also really enjoying the Florida weather cooling off a bit as the days turn into November. It's good to know that I'm not the only one at Lucidus feeling a positive change in the air.

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