Great crowd at TODCON

This week I'm spending my time in (hot) Las Vegas, NV at TODCON. I'm delivering two presentations, "The PROFITABLE Web Development Process" and "Selling You & Your Services, Revisited." It's a great little conference of between 100 and 150 people that has more of a personal feeling than other conferences where I've presented. My first preso was yesterday and seem to come off pretty well. The best part for me is seeing people who listened to me last year come back again this year.

It's a pretty good year for Lucidus because Chaz and Danielle (developers for Lucidus) are here presenting as well.

I learned a bit more about Search Engine Optimization from Jesse Harding and, in particular, was glad to discover which helps with search engine positioning keywords.

This morning I'm sitting in Stephanie Sullivan's CSS presentation introducing the CSS templates in Dreamweaver CS3. VERY cool stuff.

For my part, it's a bit strange because I don't code as much as I once did. I spend a lot of time doing analysis and systems integration for sites as well as a good bit of business development. Kinda strange to not be as keyed in on the geek topics. I still enjoy the geek stuff but I just don't have the time I once did to explore.  These days, it's more about finding technology like drupal that I know will work and be cost effective.

Regardless, I'm having a great few days...

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