Joining Business Groups in Miami

This month Lucidus has joined Chamber South, a business group in South Miami. One of my goals this year is to become a more familiar face to businesses in Miami and South Florida in general. It seems to me that being part of Chamber South and other business groups will be an important part of that.

So today I went to a Chamber South Business Skills workshop, "What Your Business Card Says About You", led by Ed Gorin and Pat Morgan. It was terrific. I learned about how the standard business card size is most ideal and easiest to hold on to and how it's important to say what your business specializes in. And - I had no idea so many people write on the back of cards like I do, to remember details about the people they've met who gave them a card.

What I like most about this workshop series is the format. There are about 35 attendees, and we sit at tables set up in a U-shape, so everyone can see the speakers and each other. We all are encouraged to introduce ourselves and participate in the discussion. After the talk about best-practices, the workshop wraps up but we are invited to stay for networking. By that time, the participants feel like they know each other already so walking up and meeting each other comes easily.

For me, this is great because networking is a skill I can always work on. I can bring back what I learn here to our team in New Hampshire, and they're happy to hear about it. I've met some really interesting people here in Miami, and I'm eager to tell them about the amazing crew of rock-star developers we have at Lucidus.

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