Making a Difference Inside & Out WIth NHBSR...

I'm sitting in the New Hampshire Businesses for Social Responsibility 5th Anniversary Spring Conference (PDF) in Bedford, NH. This is my second session year coming (last year I was part of a panel) and the numbers are astounding. What I love about NHBSR is that it's not just about "being green," it covers social responsibility in a multi-dimensional way. Making a profit and treating your employees right is just as important as a recycling program and carbon offset calculations. This is core to Lucidus as a business.

I'm in a session now about communicating your good work. Of primary concern is making sure what you put out in the world is authentic. "Make sure there is a nexus between what you are communicating and the nature of your business." So many competing voices are trying to stake a claim on being green, you better think long and hard whether you want to invest resources in gaining attention for being green; it may take a LOT of resources. Then, when you do gain the attention, it better be authentic.

We've done the simplest things like adding recycling bins and using as little paper as possible but there is clearly more we can do.

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