Lucidus has formally adopted an Agile Development approach called SCRUMfor all our development projects. SCRUM allows us to deliver working functionality to you every two weeks and makes sure you are involved at every step ensuring there will be no surprises at delivery time.

You Decide What We Work On

We work with each customer to collaboratively develop a project budget and prioritized, desired functionality list. Prioritization is set by you with the following inputs applied:

  • value if the feature were included
  • pain if it were not
  • cost in terms of "ideal development days"

Work is queued according to priority and budget allowance. As new ideas emerge over time, the feature list is amended and the new features inserted at the appropriate, prioritized position in the list. The list will be available to the customer at any time and will contain current status of development and anticipated delivery cycle on a per feature basis.

We Donʼt Miss Dates

We apply a set, time-boxed schedule of two-week development cycles called Sprints. Content may be changed daily; functionality may only be changed in two-week cycles. Of course, business critical updates may be applied on an emergency basis; that should be the exception, not the rule.

Delivery Schedule You Can Count On

At the beginning of each cycle, our development team will indicate how far down the feature list they can deliver in two weeks. Note that "deliver" means ready to go live including comprehensive testing. Our team doesn't get to change priority (only you can do that), only identify how much work they can accomplish.

Youʼre Always Up to Date (and in the know)

We perform daily internal stand-up meetings where each team member reports what they completed the previous day and what they'll have accomplished for the following day. The results are posted to your customer portal so youʼre always fully briefed. Clarification and problem solving happen after the meeting on an as-needed basis.

We Value YOU

At Lucidus, we engage you intimately in the development of each part of your online strategy. We'll be in touch at least twice a week for functionality under active development. When you're not available, your assigned Internet Strategist will keep the project moving.