We're on the air....

Well...it's been many month (years?) in the making but we've finally posted the new site live. It's the age old cobblers children scenario. What made matters worse was that our previous site was downright embarrassing. The new site was made possible through many of our team players...

  • Billy/Chloe on design
  • Andy/Neil on drupal theme building
  • Chaz on CSS re-work (based on my CSS brain cramps)
  • Neil on Flash home page development

However, what really got this thing off the ground was Colin and crew at Lucidus giving me a hard time for months on end that we needed to get this up. We're pretty proud of it but, more importantly, it provides a growth place moving forward. Simply put, Drupal is the most amazing content management system / application framework I have ever worked with. (Thankfully, our PHP developers agree).
Finally, this site and Lucidus' rise to be a "real" company over the past two years was made possible by our whole team, both past and present. This has been a tremendous time in my life and for the company. I could not be more thankful for all the fun that I've had. This website is another stepping stone on our way to becoming the model Internet solutions provider. To say this is only the beginning would not do justice to the hard work people have put in for four and a half years. However, this is an amazing moment in time that should be marked.

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