What Drupal Needs...

We had a great lunch conversation with a couple guys from a political advocacy organization based in Northern Virginia. I'm finding MANY companies who are actively supporting political advocacy groups here. It seems weird to me that the majority of folks fall into two categories, political advocacy and news. Interestingly in terms of the industry meetup sessions from last night, there was none for corporate or business. Shame on me for not suggesting.

It does bring up an interesting point re: Drupal, there is a tremendous need (and, hence, opportunity) to package and market Drupal to the business world. In my mind, the single biggest need for drupal in the next 6-12 months is pursuing widespread attention and adoption. To that end, usable (and understandable) interfaces must be developed. To me, it's more about configuration than coding into core.

The conversation we had at lunch was based on Drupal being like a tragic hero, its biggest strength is its biggest weakness which is this: Drupal + contributed modules can be morphed into most anything. Therefore, is it a...

...CMS? Sure!

...Intranet? Sure!

...Project Collaboration Site? Sure!

It can be most anything but lacks a "best configuration" for many different functions. It has unlimited potential but limited pre-built applications. This has been something we've discussed extensively internally (and even begun building the "showroom" for) but it has been reinforced here at the conference so I thought I'd share.

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