Young Professionals Network Coming to Keene...

When my sister, Donna, was living up here, she bemoaned the fact that there was no way for local young people to find one another (short of getting into a clique). Well...that's changing here in Keene. Based on the recent popularity (and publicity) of Young Professional Networks in Concord, NH and Manchester, NH, the Keene Chamber of Commerce has decided to help a YPN get started here in Keene. I'm on the planning committee and pretty psyched. (In spite of my graying hair, I do qualify for the 21-40 age range). I'm more excited about getting the group started to raise awareness that Keene does have a thriving, er...pretty decent young professionals population. My objective has long been to grow the local technical reputation of Keene so that regional companies cease to feel they need to go to Boston for technical expertise. Potential clients are often surprised at the caliber we have here (book authors, conference speakers, etc.); giving Keene a reputation as a young, professional (and technical) city would eliminate one more objection we occasionally face from potential clients. We (Lucidus) are doing the website which will be another Drupal implementation in the coming weeks. Stay tuned...

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